Fashion & Handmade from the Boobless Thrifter
Fashion & Handmade from the Boobless Thrifter
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Recommended Products

I do not sell second-hand lingerie or swimwear for health reasons, but I DO get A LOT of questions about Swimwear & Lingerie, and am often asked to recommend or direct people to flattering and comfortable bathing suits, bras & intimates. 

I also get asked about other breast cancer and post-mastectomy products, and am happy to direct people to these as well: be it the right temporary tattoo, compression garment, or other awesome and fun things!

Check out some of these recommendations at the links below! 

Lingerie & Intimates

Athleta: a popular post-mastectomy bra, suitable for flat or with inserts.



Albion Fit: swimwear for everyone!

Other Stuff

Vans Breast Cancer Awareness Hi-Tops: special edition hi-top shoe honouring all survivors. 

LympheDIVAs: beautiful and stylish compression garments.